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3 11 2008

Hi everyone.

Welcome to the cookingblog I am a young cook learning recipes and getting better each day i have been cooking for a wile now I started this blog to share my recipes and to give my pointers to all of you and hope to get some in return if you like to learn more about me just email me at cookingblog.com@gmail.com thank-you

Heres my frist recipe something easy and delight full

(Hawiian ham and cheese omelet)

2oz ham

1oz chedder cheese

pine appel

1/4 cup fresh tamatoe

3 eggs

splash of milk


Take all ingredients and place them in a blender blend together.

Put some vegitable oil in a frying pan start the heat pouring the mixture in

cook till each side is a light brown color .

Thank you for the visit cookingblog~




9 responses

3 11 2008

Whoa! I am getting ready for bed then stumbled across this blog, NOW I’M HUNGRY!!! THANKS ALOT!!! lol….Keep them coming. this looks good.

3 11 2008

Hi Nicholas! Great first post- keep ’em coming!

and thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

3 11 2008

Ooh, that sounds delicious! Hmm, I’ve got those ingredients in the house already… I might be trying your omelet later this week! Thanks!

3 11 2008

Hi, thanks for coming to my blog. This recipe sure looks good. If you need any help with your blog, just let me know and I’ll try to help you.

3 11 2008

nice….keep it coming

4 11 2008

Hey, thanks for stopping by and commenting! I’ll be sure to bookmark you and check you out…I’d be happy to offer advice where I can. 🙂

4 11 2008

I’m definitely going to try this!

4 11 2008

Never thought of adding pineapple before, gonna rustle up one of these tomorrow!

18 11 2008

I will admit I am like one of the worst cook on earth. My family and friends love to tease me because I am the baby-girl of a family of 7 adult children. They often remind me of an old saying that I admit does apply to me ” Baby girls can’t cook”. Now that I am a old Baby Girl of 45 and a half. if you will, I have about given up on ever having a dish that anyone would look forward to eating let alone ask for the recipe.

Let me share my shame so you will understand just what you’re dealing with here. Had the nerve to insist that Thanksgiving Dinner be at my house one year which ended with most in the Emergency Room soon after. My father refused to eat my cooking that year, thank God! He chose to eat Thanksgiving Dinner at the Fire Dept. rather than risk my cooking. Served a new dish I was so proud of at a family picnic that sent my cousin to the Emergency Room, I didn’t know you couldn’t serve salad dressing after it had been sitting in the sun for hours. No one knew I had bought it, I thought I would sneak a dish on the table and everyone would ooh and aah over it, then I would proudly profess it as MINE and get inducted in the pact of cooks, well that didn’t turn out the way I had hoped, in fact it was years before I fessed up and admitted that dish as mine. Have had the Fire Dept. out a number of times to put out fires. I have thrown away more dishes than I have eaten, often because I couldn’t get them out of the pans they were cooked in, this is quite costly. Just recently learned you don’t have to boil eggs for hours “until the shell crack” after doing so for years.

Most of the time I learn the hard way. I am ALWAYS the joke at EVERY church and family social. No one wants me to bring ANYTHING, but the chips and sodas and my job is ALWAYS the dishwasher while the cooks cook, except if they are in a bind they might ask me to do “simple things” like the time we had a church picnic, they had me to boil the eggs for the potato salad, well let’s just say I’m glad I have a sense of humor, even if the joke IS on me!

I am very talented in a number of things from writing, directing and producing stage plays, home decorating, floral arrangements and on and on. BUT! I can hardly fry an egg without some horrible mishap. I am so fearful I only cook one dish at a time. My family is so afraid for me to be in the kitchen, EVERYONE feels the need to supervise me, even my kids! This makes me less confident!

I need to ask the dumbest question with much shame, but because I have always wanted to cook an omelette I will ask. How much oil do you use to cook one and how do I turn it over!

One suggestion, please do not assume ALL your readers are familiar with the basic things of the kitchen. I do realize most are, but some of us shamefully cook with two left hands. And answered prayers seems to be for bigger things than decent cooked meals. I have been married for over 26 years, I know my husband would be most appreciative, so would my mother who often brings meals for my husband’s dinner. I have all the appliances and stuff, well stocked kitchen, so says my father, but don’t know what to do with most of it, it’s there for when someone else cooks.

I have been trying to make homemade yeast bread for years. Now you want to talk about embarrassing moments, I won’t even go into what my homemade bread making experiences are like, let’s just say it’s such a hot mess it starts a chain of phone calls to EVERY family member starting with whomever discovers my attempt, it brings them all over to see and laugh!

Now if you can help me you will deserve an award and deserve the title “Miracle Chef”

PS. I roll my eyes at the rest of you, especially Brenjamin that simply says “I will rustle up one of these tomorrow” (smile). I can’t rustle up enough nerves to even attempt this without wondering what can and will go wrong! “A burnt child is scared of fire, don’t you know?”

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