Great holiday treat~

21 11 2008

Apple bacon & chedder stuffed mashroom’s~

What you need


28 Large button mushroom’s, bottoms trimmed and cleaned

1 Tbsp. butter

1 Tbsp. fillppo beriolive oil

2 Tsp. garlic , minced

1 Cup yello onion , small diced

1 Medium apple washed & sliced

2 Slice’s bacon cooked till crisp

1/4 Cup shereded chedder cheese

1/2 Cup fresh bread crum’s

1 Tbsp. fresh parcely


1) Preheat oven to 350′ dagrese place olive oil and garlic in a blender blend till smooth .

carefully remove stem’s from mushroom caps,

make sure to reserve the caps for later 🙂

heat 1/4  of water  in  a large sauce pan,

adding half of the mushroom’s caps to the water cover pan and let steam for 2 minute’s,

remove the mushroom’s from the water and set on to a fresh piece of paper towel on their back side,

repeat with the rest of the mushroom’s ,

in a large saute pan heat the butter and the onion mixture of garlic and olive oil,

cook untill the onions are brownish

cut you appel up fine adding that in right away~

ok with the mushroom halfs you have chop them up fine and adding them in also

stirring occasionally, untill about 5-6 minutes,

ok now just place on a platter and fill each of the mushroom cap’s with the filling you just made easy

and so good!


thank you for reading

chef nicholas~




3 responses

21 11 2008

Who’s minding the store? I posted on the eggs days ago. I need help with recipes for Thanksgiving Dinner 2008!
Fully detailed please!

This one looks good, but I don’t eat mushrooms, wonder if potatoes could be substituted instead. I know how to bake potatoes, one of the few things I trust cooking, although I did once have my house smoked up really bad while cooking some!

I’m starting to think you are not up to the challenge!

21 11 2008

Most people do not know how to eat properly.. Most people also do not even know how to eat proper foods, even professionals included.. thus next a lot of people do have related health problems.. Even in Canada, I am amazed how many people wrongfully think they can still eat what ever they want and they will stay well and healthy as a result.. unfortunately that is not so.. many Canadians are sick eventually even because they do not know how to eat properly firstly, and secondly many poor Canadians cannot afford undeniably to eat well.

I was surprised to discover how many single persons do not like to cook continually and this week I encountered a senior that was starving himself to death and I had to take him to the emergency at the Hospital as a result..

Many years ago I met a wise housewife who though she had a large family she still only cooked once a week, she spent the whole day Saturday preparing food for the week and she used a large freezer to do this as well. She prepared her food, and next put them on individual plates, she wrapped them with plastic sheet. next froze the whole plate, and when member of her family were hungry they too the plate of their choice and microwave it, heated it up and ate it..

You for a start can have
– one plate of meat, potatoes vegetables
– another plate of spaghetti, with spaghetti sauce, onions, peppers, meat and so forth..
– a plate of pork chops, apple sauce, mashed potatoes, and vegetables

and what are your favorite full meal plates that can be frozen and reheated?

22 11 2008

hey cool site love the recipes add me to you blogroll Thank-you have a pwend day 🙂 :silly:

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