Banana Split Parfait’s

23 11 2008
 M m m m .  .
what a treat these are for dessert or just a day time treat 🙂
~You will need~
6 cream filled chocolate cookies
1 medium banana
4  scoops straw-berry ice-cream
2 tablespoons straw-berry topping
            ~whipped topping
~What you need to do~
chop the cookies up in to crumbs , cut the banana in half crosswise,
chop the bananas in to littel small pieces to make each parfait, spoon
cookies in to each of the 4 glass cups, put ice cream in cup filling up most of the way
about 3/4 of the way put  banana slices in class
drizzle the ice cream topping over the ice cream spray on some whipped topping
Thank you
     ~Chef Nicholas



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23 11 2008

hi great site love the recipes 🙂

18 12 2008

Pancakes with vanilla ice cream and grated coconut

about 1 lbs. plain white flour (all purpose)
a pinch of salt
about 2 teaspoons of vanilla sugar (8 g)
3 eggs (medium size)
a dash of peanut oil
ice cream (vanilla flavour)
grated coconut

In a deep bowl add the flour, salt and vanilla sugar together and whisk. Then add milk until you get a nice smooth blend. It depends on you personal preferences how much milk you add. I myself prefer it to be as smooth as yoghurt. After that, add 3 eggs one by one and stir. You may need want to add some additional milk to get the right texture. Then add some oil. I prefer to do this to avoid getting very sticky, greasy pancakes. It’s also possible to leave it out and use butter instead. It’s one’s own preference.

Bake pancakes in a frying pan until golden brown on both sides.

Take a warm pancake and decorate with 2 spoonfuls of icecream. Add some grated coconut and fold the pancake. Eat warm. It’s delicious!


Pancake House in Amsterdam, click on their menu for ideas.

18 12 2008

Buttermilk Bread with blueberries (for bread maker)
Tomorrow a very good friend of mine comes over to have lunch. I’m not rich enough to be able to buy luxury bread from the baker’s or supermarket, so I decided to make it myself, using my AFK bread maker. Here’s the recipe I used, I didn’t knead the berries separately so you don’t see individual berries in my bread:


140 millilitre ( 4 3/4 fluid oz.) buttermilk
1 egg
15 gram (3 1/5 teaspoon) butter
2 tablespoons sugar
75 gram ( 2.65 ounce) blueberries (fresh or frozen)
400 gram (14.11 ounces) flour (plain “all purpose” flour)
1/4 teaspoon of baking soda
2 teaspoons of dough enhancer (I use ground vitamin C pills for it: ascorbic acid but you can leave it out if you don’t like it)
1 3/4 teaspoon of dried yeast


Put the ingredients in the prescribed order in the tin and close the lid. Choose the ’sweet’ baking program and a medium (1.5 lb) loaf size. Choose ‘medium’ for crust. If you don’t want the blueberries to be crushed, you can leave them out first and wait until the machine has stopped kneading. Remove the dough from the tin and gently knead the berries in the dough. Put the dough back and close the lid. Make sure to do this in a warm kitchen, avoid draught.

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