Snacks & Deserts

This is the holiday recipe page ~

Great holiday treat~ 


Apple bacon & chedder stuffed mashroom’s~

What you need


28 Large button mushroom’s, bottoms trimmed and cleaned

1 Tbsp. butter

1 Tbsp. fillppo beriolive oil

2 Tsp. garlic , minced

1 Cup yello onion , small diced

1 Medium apple washed & sliced

2 Slice’s bacon cooked till crisp

1/4 Cup shereded chedder cheese

1/2 Cup fresh bread crum’s

1 Tbsp. fresh parcely


1) Preheat oven to 350′ dagrese place olive oil and garlic in a blender blend till smooth .

carefully remove stem’s from mushroom caps,

make sure to reserve the caps for later 🙂

heat 1/4  of water  in  a large sauce pan,

adding half of the mushroom’s caps to the water cover pan and let steam for 2 minute’s,

remove the mushroom’s from the water and set on to a fresh piece of paper towel on their back side,

repeat with the rest of the mushroom’s ,

in a large saute pan heat the butter and the onion mixture of garlic and olive oil,

cook untill the onions are brownish

cut you appel up fine adding that in right away~

ok with the mushroom halfs you have chop them up fine and adding them in also

stirring occasionally, untill about 5-6 minutes,

ok now just place on a platter and fill each of the mushroom cap’s with the filling you just made easy

and so good!


thank you for reading

chef nicholas~


Cranberry Mango Relish~ feed’s 8
What a treat this is very good for any holiday in the fall/ winter weather 🙂
~What you need~
3-tbs butter
1-large red onion finely chopped
2-tbs grated ginger
1-cup Orange juice
1-pound crand berrys
2-ripe mangos halved pitted and diced
1-tbs grated Orange zest
~what to do~
Melt butter in medium sauce pan over medium heat,
Add onion’s and ginger cook intill soft , Add juice and sugar,
Cook untill boiling, Add half cran berries cooking them
till the pop . Add the rest of the cran berrys cook about 5 minutes
remover heat, Add mangos and Zest serve at room tepertature’ 
Thankyou for reading
    ~Chef Nicholas

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